Visa Endorsement

We have a full-fledged department for visa procurement help desk. We take care of doing the cumbersome work of visa processing the application at your request. All you have to do is to contact us and provide us the necessary documents and we will process your documents as needed.

Travel Lounge not only provides its client with professional visa assistance and visa services but also renders valuable & comprehensive services related to travel abroad.

We understand that every country has a different process, fees structures and requirements for Indians to travel abroad. We also understand your needs and work towards getting your visa as soon as possible.

We do the Following Visa Endorsements for the Gulf:
a. Visit visa
b. Residence visa
c. Job visa [employment visa]
d. Azad visa
e. Family visa
f. Business visa

KSA Visa Endorsement Fees: ( With Insurance )
1.  Age Range:            Charges:
0 – 14 Years               Rs. 12000
15 – 39 Years             Rs. 11500
40 – 50 Years             Rs. 13000
51 – 60 Years             Rs. 14000
61 – 70 Years             Rs. 16000

2. Family Residence Visa Rs. 4000 ( Adult ) , Rs. 4500 ( Child ).

Documents Required:
1. Candidate Original Passport
2. Visa Copy
3. 7 Photographs with white background
4. Sponsors Passport 1st & last page, Visa & Iqama scan copy.
5. Original Medical report for Residence visa.
6. Sponsors Address, Phone number and Email id.